I feel a song coming on, and is it wrong 

That I see numbers, not colors in your eyes? 

You know I’m different, I’m not sane, all these voices in my brain, 

To which the only cure is silence, silence of the heart. 

Verse 2 

Ah why is the people so damn hard? Took me from pieces into shards, 

Is this the lovin’ that I know? 

We are the sons of war and peace, give you images of Hell, 

Oh baby I think that can be arranged. 


Will the echoes ever slow? In the light, we’ll never know. 

In this world, you’re on your own, woah. 

It’s all upside down, it’s not right, and all we do for is sleep at night, 

Somehow people think that I’m Uptight. 


I don’t really know how to just get through, 

All I know is I gotta get rid of you! 

I’m so addicted to your wicked smile, I think I might be stuck for a while.