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Our Story

Trauma Illinois is a band born out of a life altering event. 

A horrible car accident landed the entire crew in the hospital.On the way to the hospital our singer Jack died, had to be resuscitated and then spent several touch and go days in the ICU.

When he arrived at the E.R without identification, the nurses nicknamed him Trauma Illinois. 

(you can read the full story with pics here)

Our Message

Maximizing the human experience via relentless Cultural Disobedience.

The band's music reflects an ethos of personal fulfillment, an embrace of fun and spectacle, and a willingness to shine a light in the dark corners on the other side of the white picket fence.

Our music

We are an alternative rock band with classic rock influences. We combine the hook driven melodies of classic rock with modern alt rock lyrical edges. Instead of an overblown description.....you can have a listen here (link also below)

Our concert experience

We are influenced by the spectacle of an earlier era. It is best described as a mini arena act. 

Original music sets with full production are typically 30 minutes, 45 minutes or 1 hour and we are available to headline a show or as an opener.

We are also available for 3-4 our cover sets and up to 60 minute semi-unplugged acoustic sets.

Live Performances

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Contact and Social Media

Booking/Management/band email: blankstateband@outlook.com

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Bogarts EP Release - June 2016

Bogarts EP Release - June 2016

Halloween at York St. Cafe

Halloween at York St. Cafe

Black Friday at Thompson House

Black Friday at Thompson House