Our Story

How we got started

Trauma Illinois is a band born out of a near death experience.








A horrible car accident landed the entire crew in the hospital. For most of the band members, it was some sprains and a few broken bones.

The singer, Jack, got the worst of it. On the way to the hospital, he coded out. He died and was resuscitated on the way where he spent several touch and go days in the ICU. (The band is fond of covering Motley Crue's "Kickstart my Heart". As it turns out, its autobiographical)

When he arrived at the E.R without identification, the nurses nicknamed him Trauma Illinois.





Over the next few days, he improved and the incident not only strengthened the bond between members, but it shaped the identity of the band.







As luck would have it, Fall Out Boy was playing the Children's Hospital at the same time. They caught word of the fellow musicians plight and fashioned a get well photo. The band would later return themselves to the Ryan Seacrest theater at Children's hospital and play a gig there the following year






Our message

Practice your own form of Cultural Disobedience. Do what is in your heart. Don't follow convention for its own sake or be a non-conformist just for spite. Live by more pure motives. 

Our music

We are an alternative rock band with classic rock influences. We combine the arena rock energy and hook driven melodies of classic rock with modern alt rock lyrical edges. Instead of an overblown description.....you can have a listen here (link also below)

Our concert experience

We are influenced by the spectacle of 80s rock. Our show is best described as a mini arena act. Just take away the spandex and big hair. 

Booking/Management: blankstateband@outlook.com
Twitter: @TraumaIllinois
Instagram: @TraumaIllinois
YouTube: You Tube Channel

Garrett Crider: Drums and vocals
Jack Johnson: Bass and Lead vocals
Brendan Jordan: Lead Guitar and vocals

Brendan Jordan, Lead Guitar

Brendan Jordan, Lead Guitar

Garrett Crider, Drums

Garrett Crider, Drums

Jack Johnson, Vocals & Guitar

Jack Johnson, Vocals & Guitar